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Notices On Bulletin Boards, Emails and Websites
Take Too Much Time... With Too Few Results

DigiNotice is the only company in the world providing condo Boards and Property Managers with a digital noticeboard service proven to make a real difference.

More Residents

You don't know how many residents are reading notices on bulletin boards, emails and websites.

Everyone takes the elevator twice a day for an average time of 8-10 seconds per floor.

More Results

It's hard to know if your current communications are making a difference.

We have proven to help solve issues like security and short-term rentals, while building community.

More Notices

There are too many notices to post or email that residents are able to read.

We have hundreds of notices covering many topics and we post them for you!

Less Time & Money

Managers spend a lot of time writing and posting notices that do not work.

Our service saves your manager time and produces results saving you money.

Get weekly tips on building “Condomunity” through better communication