10 Signs That Your Condo Needs Better Communication

Condominium corporations can invest in all sorts of things in order to beautify the property, stay up-to-date and ultimately keep property values high. Renovation projects, specialized gymnasium equipment, designer landscaping – all of these can do just that. But when it comes to a return on your investment, a good communication strategy can do all these things, plus save your condo a bundle in the bargain.

Here are 10 signs that you should invest in a Condo Communication Strategy:

1. When it comes to garbage disposal, your residents are colour blind.

If organics (GREEN), that ought to be in the green bin are being tossed in with recyclables (BLUE), or the regular garbage (GREY), then your residents could be “garbage blind”. Since regular garbage pickup can cost as much as three times that of recycling, a communication strategy in this department can pay off in spades.

2. When anyone asks for the Super, you automatically check the garbage chute.

If any of the condo’s staff is spending an inordinate amount of time retrieving things like mops, vacuums, toasters, queen-size bed frames and car bumpers (yes, you know it’s true) from the garbage chute, then it is costing you time and money. Invest in a communication strategy to cut these costs!

3. Pet "accidents" and leaking garbage are giving your corridor carpets a whole new design.

Good communication teaches people about pet protocol!

4. The beautifully landscaped grounds are suddenly resembling that UFO circle hoax.

Curb appeal affects resale value – communicate this to residents and watch the results.

5. It's raining cigarette butts.

Not to mention food, diapers, you name it. Even in the most premium of properties, communication is critical to success when it comes to affecting human behaviour.

6. Your plumber actually hugs you.

Damage to kitchen stacks due to kitty litter, grease etc. can run as high as $90,000.

7. The water consumption at your site could fill every pothole in the GTA.

Keep fees stabilized with a conscious effort to reduce water consumption.

8. The firemen that arrive at your condo building aren't as friendly as they used to be.

False alarms are no laughing matter. Not only do they cost money, but they take resources away from people who might really need them.

9. The big dent in the parking garage door perfectly matches the ding in a resident's car roof.

It’s surprising how many people still piggyback behind the car in front. Aside from being an inconvenience, broken garage doors are a security risk!

10. You mistook the elevator guy for a resident.

And since the hourly rate for these guys can run pretty close to the average monthly condo fee, the less you see of them outside regular maintenance, the better.

Residents who are aware of their legal and moral responsibilities are less likely to cause problems and damages that can lead to costly legal issues and property repairs… invest in a communication strategy and cut your costs.