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Condo Communications Matter... the Mediums

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Digital Elevator Screens

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Digi-Notice – Digital Noticeboards for Condos

Digital Signage Report | February 2017

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GetQuorum At 50 Absolute

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When residents break condo rules

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New condo technologies changing the industry

Advanced tools have changed how condominiums operate | Condo Business | December, 2013

Condo News

Toronto's ICE Condos Replies To Viral TikTok That Shows Hectic Living Conditions (VIDEO)

The videos show gunshots, weekend fire alarms, broken down elevators and more. | Brooke Houghton | September, 2021

Toronto nurse told by condominium to get rid of her dog because it weighs too much

Lindsay McCarthy was given just a week to get rid of Poppy, a dog she adopted 6 months ago | Sneha Agrawal | July, 2021

Could my condo building collapse like the one in Florida? Expert says problems can be found faster in Canada

Rules require regular inspections and most buildings have reserves for repairs | David Pate | July, 2021

Underinsurance leads to whopping bill after fire at condo building

Condo expert says finding out who is responsible could ‘get messy’| Liam Britten | December, 2020

Condo owners in Toronto's west end demand better security

'If you want something to change, you have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty': owner | RAHUL GUPTA | SCARBOROUGH MIRROR |September, 2019

Riverdale condo dwellers upset after thief steals master key, then $5K bike

Condo board president is calling the theft of the key a major security breach | CBC News | February, 2018

Discarded cigarette causes $1 million fire at luxury Vaughan condo

Residents from several units unable to return to their homes | Lisa Queen Vaughan Citizen | January, 2018

Ontario to unveil new condo rules to crack down on abuse by boards, directors

New rules follow CBC Toronto investigation into problems with condo governance | Adrian Cheung | November, 2017

What Ontario's new condo rules mean for owners, boards

'They're going to get a lot more information about what's going on at their condo,' says lawyer Craig Robson | Jackie Sharkey | July, 2017

Businessman who sits on condo boards also copies fobs for $35, no questions asked

CBC Toronto camera captures company employee copying electronic keys | John Lancaster | June, 2017

Condo owner shocked her unit was being sublet on Airbnb

Toronto woman wonders if bedbugs discovered in the loft were brought there by a short-term tenant. | Betsy Powell | City Hall Bureau | June, 2017

Here are your biggest complaints about living in Toronto condos

Noise, flying cigarette butts, owners who don't pick up after pets are realities for many | Alexandra Sienkiewicz | May 2017

Condo problems that include 'revenge flashing' and loud music — here are people who can help

Living in close quarters has led to an increase in condo dispute mediation | Alexandra Sienkiewicz | May 2017

Questionable proxies shut down Charles Street condo election, sources say

'Don't sign a proxy. Go to the meeting,' lawyer advises condo owners | John Lancaster, Michael Smee | May 2017

Is your condo board above board? Tips for evaluating condo governance

Condo corporations are effectively a 4th level of government, says one expert | Solomon Israel | May 2017

'I feel bullied,' says condo owner taken to court over backyard garden items not allowed in bylaws

Condo conflict 'rampant' says investigator who gets daily calls about bullying and fee fights | Erica Johnson | February 2017

Neighbour vs. Neighbour

Cranky empty nesters, party-loving hipsters and screaming babies are living cheek by jowl in downtown condo towers. How the vertical city became a generational combat zone | MARYAM SANATI | SEPTEMBER 2016

Ontario to update condo Act to lower cost of dispute resolution

Province to create Condominium Authority funded by developers | Keith Leslie | The Canadian Press | May 2015

Fears that shoddy Toronto condos could become future slums

Glass panels have been falling off newly built Toronto condos, including luxury Shangri-La and Trump towers | Thomson Reuters | October 2014

Condo hell

From 2014: Thanks to neighbour disputes, crazy restrictions and incompetent boards, condo dwellers are increasingly finding themselves boxed in | Tamsin McMahon | April 2014