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Case Studies

#1 - Balcony Issues


A major safety issue with residents tossing all sorts of items and garbage off the balconies, some of which landing on the ground, but most landing on balconies below.


Digi-Notice created a 3-part campaign consisting of:

  1. ‘Shame’ notices of the items tossed to shock residents into awareness of the facts
  2. Information notices of laws and rules
  3. Etiquette notices of balcony safety and resident responsibility


Residents reacted right away!
The Superintendent reported a drastic decrease in balcony tosses just 3 days of campaign start, eliminating garbage clean-up costs, and decreasing resident complaints. Most importantly, the Board indicated the campaign was the start of a ‘community culture’ that helped resolve other issues.

#2 - Water Bills


Expensive water bills. We needed to find a way to get residents to save water.


Digi-Notice created a three-part, 30-piece campaign to:

  1. Educate residents about their current usage
  2. Provide tips on how to conserve water
  3. Prevent and detect leaks


Residents reduced water usage by 20,000 litres per day; annual savings $25,000.

#3 - Garbage Chutes


Costly garbage chute issues. We needed to reduce hours and expenses clearing chutes, and cleaning garbage left in chute rooms.


Digi-Notice created an 8-piece campaign to educate residents and change behaviour.


Superintendent repurposed 4 hours a week (172 hours a year) towards repairs/inspections versus garbage cleanup, and no further calls to a garbage chute clearing company.

#4 - Plumbing


Kitchen stack clogging and related cleaning costs due to fats, oils and grease.


Digi-Notice created a campaign:

  1. Informing residents about the importance of the kitchen stack
  2. Educating them about the hazards and costs of sludge and clogging
  3. Educating them with tips on how to dispose of waste and keep kitchen stacks clear


Property Management reported a significant decrease in kitchen stack clogging issues and related costs.

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