A Condo Communications Salad

Toss a little green in with that orange and red! Sounds like the makings for a salad doesn’t it? I’m talking about a condo communications “salad” because it seems to me that if all the communications shared between Board Directors, Property Managers and their residents were colour-coded you’d probably see an alarming amount of orange and red.

Imagine that orange is the colour for things like garage ramp closures, chute issues, pet rules, generator tests etc., because orange represents warnings, caution, look ahead, watch out!

A surprising number of condo notices are like that – warning to get your car out of the garage in time for the cleaning, warning that the pool is closed, warning about insurance, chargebacks… the list goes on.

Red is for STOP, URGENT, DON’T! Red is used literally in condo communications, no imagination needed, and residents often see red when they see information being “screamed” at them in a red kind of way. Big red Xs, red EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!

But red is not all bad – when there is a water-off situation or an emergency it’s a very effective way to get attention. Use red sparingly and you’ll get the attention without pissing people off and being that boy from the Cry Wolf story 🙂

Now imagine that green is for good stuff. The checklists of things that the Board/Management team got done. News of projects that will improve the property and increase value. Social things like tea parties, wine tastings, movie nights and card games.

Or sometimes, just a little something like this:

A little green goes a long way to balance the orange and the red and make your condo corporation the best building – and home – that it can be.

How much “green” do you add to your condo communications salad?

If you haven't put a communication strategy together, it's time.

The issues are mounting, reserve funds are shrinking and management is in crisis mode as too few struggle with too much. The good news is that communication helps take care of a good portion of all the issues that confront condos so making room for purposeful communication as part of your processes and organizational chart makes a ton of sense. Carrying on with teeny tiny type on screens or Word docs and PDF files physically stuck onto cork bulletin boards is just… crazy!