It's A Wonderful Condo Life!

Every year on Christmas Eve I watch Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” on TV.

You’re probably familiar with the 1946 classic movie about George Bailey, a good man who falls on hard times and despairs, before getting a chance to see what life would look like if he had never been born.

Ultimately he realizes that his small acts of kindness to his neighbours over the years have made a profound impact on their lives, and he is ultimately saved by these same friends when they realize that he in turn needs their help.

In condo communities, just like in the film, individuals often underestimate their impact on their neighbours’ lives, and George Bailey’s journey shows that small acts of kindness and understanding can create a ripple effect, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Creating a more inclusive and friendly atmosphere at your condo building and highlighting the importance of facing challenges together. serves as a model for condo residents to work together towards common goals, promoting harmony and cooperation.

Fostering a community spirit not only enriches residents’ lives but also translates into tangible financial benefits for the condo.

Less disputes, less legal fees, more effective resource management, boosted property value, the list goes on.

So I’m delighted to be launching the Building Condomunity TM Program in 2024, designed for forward-thinking condo board directors and managers.

The Building Condomunity Program has three elements:

1. Develop a vision for your ideal condo community and culture;

2. Create a strategic plan to proactively foster your ideal condomunity; and;

3. Use advanced strategies and technology to achieve your Condomunity Vision.

If you are interested in building a stronger and more functional community in your condo building, we offer a free starter session.  During this session, we will help you assess your current situation and write up your vision for community building in your condo.

Let’s make the world a happier place, one condo building at a time ­čÖé

All the Best in 2024!

Property managers and condo board directors can have shorter meetings, less headaches and more time enjoying "sweater weather" this fall!

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